Not as Usual post for today !

Assalam semua ^_^

Not an important topic to be posting today just my finger is free to put on the keyboard and take a step to type. Yaaaa.... Maybe it sound like bored cause yes!! i'm bored today.. and that why i dont know what will i go to story here. This is not a fisrt time and not also for the second or third time I am create my entry in english. Hahahahah I know it seem like.. waahh!! skema atau baku right?? But never mind, seen I able to story anything in english, then nothing will be annoying la kan... at least I try to do even this is not the best that i suppose to do kan?

Emmm before I forget , I like to wish GONG Xi FA CAI to all my chinese friends and enjoy in having a great ceremony today.. so for today my family we do not have an proper family plan to do... so as a random planning I am going to buy a book at the book store and finish all my Voucher rm200 THANKS AGAIN TO GOVERNMENT ( tq PM!!!!) .. but what should I spend for another rm100 voucher ?? I like to spend and buy more novel maybe? or any islamic book? reference book? motivation book? eemmm sangat pening ok... 

I really dont know what that I 'll going to do today... Ibu since she subcribe ASTRO FIRST yesterday, now she crazy in mood of Ombak Rindu... hahahha for me itu dah lapuk nak layan lagi... It ok I give ur chance to layan that movie ye ibu... My both sister 'AKAK KINA' and 'KAK YAH' already out to Klang Parade... and only me, 'Akak Amy', Ibu, Nani at home... so we just plan to take Akak Ipa at shah alam but before that we are go to buy book.. as I said above =)...


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